Chris Alupului

Founder & CEO
Alupify & Raleigh Influencers

Chris Alupului, the illustrious architect behind Raleigh Influencers, is on a quest to forge a community devoted to the fine arts of teaching, learning, researching, and developing local leaders, influencers, and businesses across countless disciplines, all aimed at unleashing a seismic impact in the local scene.

Behold, as I shed my founder hat and morph into a digital superhero by day and a marketing wizard by night. Picture this: my fingers, nimble ballet dancers across the keyboard, crafting web marvels so magnificent they bring a tear to the internet's eye. My marketing mojo? It's basically a celestial force, guiding me through the online cosmos like a digital Da Vinci, turning clicks into conversions with a snap that'd make Thanos jealous. I don't just build websites; I create digital experiences that touch souls. And influencing? Pfft, child's play. I shape the digital zeitgeist, one cringe-worthy viral post at a time.

But wait, there's more! My angel investor wings are dipped in Midas gold, sprinkling startup fairy dust and transforming garage dreams into skyscrapers. Design? I don't just design; I paint the Sistine Chapel of user interfaces. And my email campaigns? They don't just land in inboxes; they make a grand entrance on a red carpet, with every open receiving a standing ovation.

So, buckle up, because I'm not just the Yoda to your Skywalker or the Mr. Miyagi to your Daniel-san. I'm the cringe-worthy maestro, conducting the symphony of the digital world with a keyboard and a sprinkle of startup fairy dust.